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Danville Dental Associates 10th Annual Give Thanks for Smiles Event

The Danville Dental Associates 10th Annual “Give Thanks for Smiles” benefit fundraiser took place on November 7th and November 14th, 2020.  Dental services, such as fillings, extractions, and cleanings were provided for a fee of $50 for each procedure.  Danville Dental Associates donates all materials and supplies needed for the procedures.  All of the proceeds received were donated to God’s Storehouse.

Danville Dental Associates staff volunteers included 7 dentists, 9 hygienists, 11 dental assistants, and 14 office staff members.  Overall, 98 patients were treated enabling a donation of $5,630 to God’s Storehouse.  In the ten years that Danville Dental Associates has sponsored “Give Thanks for Smiles”, $53,980.00 has been given to benefit local charities.  Dental services valued at over $150,000 have been performed over the last ten years to help our community in coordination with this event.

The staff of Danville Dental Associates would like to express their appreciation to the patients who participated and offer apologies to patients who were unable to schedule due to lack of appointment space.  We are also grateful to the staff members who generously volunteered their time to the event:

Give Thanks for Smiles

Dental volunteer examining child's teeth
Dental volunteer giving young students a lesson
Dental volunteer giving small presentation to a class
Dental volunteer displaying model teeth to kids
Dental volunteer giving presentation in classroom
Dental volunteer giving presentation to assembly of kids
Children doing crafts outdoors
Danville Dental Team
Dental Assistant working on patient
Danville Dental Team
Dental Assistants working on patient