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MyDietRetainer – Danville, VA

Discover the Benefits of Mindful Eating

My Diet Retainer logoHere are Danville Dental Associates, we’re committed to the overall wellness of our patients; we care about more than just your teeth and your gums. That is why we’re proud to provide MyDietRetainer. This innovative, custom oral device can be a huge help to individuals who are striving to attain or maintain a healthy weight and improve their eating habits.

How MyDietRetainer Works

Woman smiling and holding a saladIf you frequently eat on the go, or if you are so enthusiastic about your food that you tend to consume it quickly, you may be putting your health at risk. In fact, according to Donna Ryan, the interim director of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and professor at Emerita, people who eat their food fast often overeat and have a higher body mass index (BMI).

MyDietRetainer is a special oral device that you put into your mouth just before you begin eating. It forces you to slow down and take smaller bites as you consume food. This is beneficial because there is a bit of lag time between when a person is truly full and when their brain realizes they are full. Enjoying food at a reduced pace will give your brain time to catch up with your stomach, which can result in lower overall caloric consumption. You may also find that you enjoy your food more when you hit the brakes and take the time to savor each bite.

MyDietRetainer may take several weeks to help you adjust to new eating habits. Once you learn those habits, however, you can stop using the device and return to your normal routine with a new outlook on how you consume your food.

Does MyDietRetainer Really Produce Results?

A person stepping onto a scale MyDietRetainer has already produced remarkable results for many people. In fact, clinical studies have found that this oral appliance can help you lose up to 38% of extra weight in just four months. People who use MyDietRetainer tend to eat significantly fewer calories — in fact, they may reduce their food intake by as much as 533 calories per day.

Getting Started With MyDietRetainer

Fork and measuring tapeIf you are interested in discovering whether MyDietRetainer can help you conquer your eating habits, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Chris Payne at Danville Dental Associates. First, Dr. Payne will evaluate your candidacy for the appliance. It is suitable for most people, including both those who already have good diet and exercise habits as well as individuals who are looking to shed some extra pounds. However, pregnant women and people with eating disorders should not use MyDietRetainer.

If MyDietRetainer is right for you, Dr. Payne will scan your teeth and design your custom oral appliance. At your next appointment, you can pick up your custom new in-mouth “diet coach.” While you’re waiting to receive your MyDietRetainer, we encourage you to take advantage of the wise advice from our recommended nutritionist. Their insight can help you choose nutritious foods that will promote overall wellness and help you have a positive experience with MyDietRetainer.