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Smile Gallery

Brenda A.

Brenda wanted a whiter smile. After a comprehensive treatment planning process, she agreed that a combination of crowns and veneers was her best option. Not only did this change her smile, it made her look 10 years younger. Now she says that she sleeps smiling!

Smile Gallery Brenda Before Smile Gallery Brenda Before


Smile Gallery Brenda After Smile Gallery Brenda After


Linda G.

Linda was not happy with her smile. She experienced crowding in her upper front teeth, and she felt it was time to do something for herself. Dr. White gave her a full treatment plan and within the next month she was starting a transformation. As you can see, she doesn't mind smiling now!

Smile Gallery Linda Before Smile Gallery Linda Before


Smile Gallery Linda After Smile Gallery Linda After


Marsha D.

Marsha was originally looking for just two crowns in her smile line. Dr. White showed her how she could look if she had crowns across all front teeth. With a perfect match, the new crowns brought out her smile the way she wanted it.

Smile Gallery Marsha Before Smile Gallery Marsha Before


Smile Gallery Marsha After Smile Gallery Marsha After