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Your Dentist of Danville Reveals a Clear Alternative for Straight Teeth

February 10, 2018

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little girl smiling with perfect teethThe desire to have a perfect smile is not something that is selective to adulthood. Children are just as aware of their flaws and want to make improvements, but they don’t want to endure the burden of wearing bulky metal braces. This is one of the reasons that Invisalign has become so popular, but your dentist of Danville warns that this may not be the best alternative for children between the ages of 7 and 11, because they have not gotten their permanent teeth. But thankfully, there is another option that you’ll learn about as you continue reading.


Your Dentist of Danville Says Fighting Gum Disease Can Save Your Heart

February 2, 2018

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two hands holding red heartGiven that February is National Heart Month, it’s a great time to discuss one of the secrets that modern medicine has uncovered – that everything in the human body is connected. With that stated, what happens in one area can be super impactful in another, even though the two may seem to have nothing in common. Such is the case with your oral health, as it serves as a window into the rest of your structure. One very vital organ that can be affected by your dental wellness is your heart. And as your dentist of Danville will explain, there are ways to ensure that they both remain healthy and fully functional.


Your Dentist Reminds You to Make Oral Health a Priority in 2018

January 5, 2018

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new year's resolutions2018 has already started, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to tweak your list of New Year’s Resolutions. While you’re busy trying to figure out if that gym membership is really worth it and how you’re going to get the promotion at work that you’ve been waiting for, why not set your sights on something a little simpler? Making the effort to improve your oral health this year can boost your confidence, save you money on dental work down the road, and maybe even protect your overall health as well. Here are a few simple things that your dentist in Danville recommends you do in order to give your teeth and gums the TLC they deserve.


Pursue Orthodontics in Danville For Top Quality Care Today

December 21, 2017

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A smile with braces installed.Have you always dreamed of having a perfect smile? Tired of looking in the mirror only to see crooked teeth greet you while you brush? You’re not alone. It’s rare for people to be born with perfect teeth. That’s exactly why your orthodontist in Danville is offering multiple options to fix your smile forever. To learn more about these treatments, check out the post inside.


Your Emergency Dentist in Danville Explains Dental Emergencies

December 3, 2017

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man holds jaw painfully from toothacheEmergencies never ask if this is the best time for them to happen. Instead, they just come when you’re least expecting them to. So, rather than just hope that they won’t occur, your dentist in Danville wants you to be prepared by understanding what a dental emergency is and what to do when it happens.


Danville Dentist Says It’s Time to Stop Bad Breath in Its Tracks

November 21, 2017

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woman reacts to man’s bad breathYou’ve been running from your bad breath for far too long. It’s time to dig your heels into the ground and take a stand. Your Danville dentist is here to guide you along the path to the smile, fresh breath, and confidence you deserve.


Are Dental Implants the Best Solution for Missing Teeth?

November 19, 2017

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woman pointing at teethMissing teeth are nuisance. Not only do they make it difficult to dig into your favorite hearty foods, but they also can affect the way you speak and knock down your confidence level when you’re meeting new people. If you’re ready to replace those pearly whites, don’t assume that dentures or a traditional dental bridge are your best options. Have you thought about getting dental implants in Danville? They offer some distinct benefits.


Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Invisalign

October 28, 2017

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woman with question marksAre you ready to say goodbye to your crooked smile and hello to a set of teeth that makes everyone around you jealous? Invisalign in Danville is a fantastic way to nudge your pearly whites into their proper places. When you visit your dentist to talk about getting clear braces, may feel more confident if you prepare some questions ahead of time. Here are a few things you should ask before you make a commitment to Invisalign:


Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea in Danville

October 8, 2017

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pregnant woman dental appointment Did you know that poor sleep quality and quantity during pregnancy can disrupt the development of a healthy baby?  Disruptions in sleep can lead to lower birth weights, a weaker immune system, and other complications like depression in the mother.

What if you could avoid these potential problems for the baby and mother alike by identifying a simple sleep disorder? Believe it or not, your local dentist is probably the best professional to assist you with this health problem. Obstructive sleep apnea in Danville could be the cause of your restlessness and snoring throughout the night.


How to Choose the Best Dentist in Danville for Your Family

September 22, 2017

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Young girl at dentistWhen raising a family, life can get pretty chaotic and complicated. As you try to balance your daily obligations, you do not need your family’s dental care to further add chaos into your day. You need a dentist in Danville who can cater each of your loved ones through all stages in life. However, there are many excellent options in the area, making it difficult to determine which location is best for you. To help find the perfect dental team to be by your family’s side over the years, there are a few things to consider prior to making your selection.

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