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Danville Dentist Says It’s Time to Stop Bad Breath in Its Tracks

November 21, 2017

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woman reacts to man’s bad breathYou’ve been running from your bad breath for far too long. It’s time to dig your heels into the ground and take a stand. Your Danville dentist is here to guide you along the path to the smile, fresh breath, and confidence you deserve.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Here are some of the culprits. Identify them and get ready to attack.

  • Bacteria – These are the prime suspects in your problem with bad breath. They love heat, so they tend to hang around in your mouth looking for ways to latch on to any groove and crevasse they can find. If allowed to populate and grow, they can wreak havoc, causing gum disease and odorous breath.
  • Food – Food not only leaves bacteria in your mouth, which can contribute to bad breath, but it also can cause foul odors depending on what kind it is (as in foods like onions, garlic and coffee).
  • Gum Disease – This is the result of plaque and tartar build up on your teeth and gums which can contribute to bad breath, and cause swelling, irritation and bleeding.
  • Smoking and Tobacco Use – Not only does smoking stain your teeth, it also contributes to foul odors coming from your mouth. And tobacco chewing can irritate your gums, increasing your chances of gum disease.
  • Medical Conditions – Sometimes there are conditions that go beyond the scope of normal, preventative dental care and can contribute to the possibility of mouth infection. Some examples are sinus conditions, gastric reflux, diabetes or kidney disease.

What Can I Do About Bad Breath?

The simplest defense against bad breath is brushing and flossing at least twice daily. There’s a reason that your dentist has been hammering this point home. It’s because it works. This is the best daily method to upset the comfortable habitat of bacteria. There are some other things you can do as well.

  • Tongue Care – Taking time to examine your tongue is a key to preventing bad breath. Towards the back of your tongue look for any brown coating. If spotted, it’s an indicator of a possible cause of your bad breath. Use your toothbrush and scraper to clear the area.
  • Pay Attention to Your Saliva – Saliva acts as an internal washing system for your mouth. You can eat more healthy foods to stimulate your natural juices, and even try chewing sugar-free gum and candy.
  • Mouthwash – You can use mouthwash to help with cleaning and neutralizing bacteria.

Visiting your dentist for regularly scheduled cleanings and examinations is one of the best tools in your arsenal to fight dental issues like bad breath. It also ensures that your breath will always be fresh.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas White graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from VCU’s School of Dentistry. He practices at Danville Dental Associates and can be reached for more information at his website.


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