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Invisalign in Danville: Giving the Gift of a Straighter Smile

December 23, 2019

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Holding InvisalignDo you have a loved one that’s been feeling self-conscious about their smile? Or are you bothered by your own pearly whites every time you look in the mirror? In either case, Invisalign in Danville just might be the perfect present – whether it’s for yourself or someone you care about. Here are just 6 reasons why Invisalign is a gift that keeps on giving.


Dentist Gives 10 Easy Tips For a Healthy Smile Over the Holidays

November 17, 2019

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Smiling people at a holiday partyWith all the holiday cookies, eggnog, and cider around at this time of year, there’s a high risk of getting cavities. And nothing will turn you into a Scrooge faster than an unexpected dental appointment over the holidays! Fortunately, there are some easy ways to enjoy the season without wrecking your oral health. Keep reading for 10 easy tips you can use to enjoy yourself while avoiding an emergency visit to a dentist in Danville!

Want To Prevent Gum Disease? Get 5 Easy Tips From a Dentist

November 13, 2019

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Woman getting a dental examGum disease is serious business. As any dentist in Danville will tell you, it’s not only the #1 cause of tooth loss, but also increases your risk of many different diseases such as Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, stroke, and heart disease. Unfortunately, it’s also very common and affects an estimated 50% of adults. The good news? There are easy ways to prevent it (or at least manage it to keep it from progressing). Keep reading for 5 great tips you can start using right away to keep your gums in great shape.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

October 15, 2019

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dental implant

One of your front teeth got knocked out a while back in an unfortunate accident. Now you have a big old gap in your grin. Not only do you think it’s unattractive, but it creates some embarrassing moments when you try to speak normally, and you end up whistling. To make matters worse, you can’t exactly chow down on your favorite chewy foods anymore. You’ve heard about dental implants in Danville as a way to replace your missing pearly whites, but you have some questions, like “how long do they last?” Read more to find out.


5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Right Now Before 2020

September 19, 2019

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floss toothbrush insurance form

It’s almost October, and 2019 is starting to wind down. For many people, the end of the year means enjoying the changing weather and preparing for the holiday season. But did you know that your dental insurance benefits are about to reset as well? Although these benefits will like start over again in 2020, have you gotten your money’s worth out of your coverage so far this year? If you haven’t already, now is the time to make the most of your benefits. In this blog post from your dentist in Danville, you’ll find 5 reasons to maximize your dental insurance before the calendar year ends. (more…)

5 Bad Dental Habits You Need to Break Today

August 24, 2019

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man breaking cigarette

Every one of us has bad habits we wish we could break. A lot of them are really detrimental to our teeth, and we don’t even realize it! Since you only get one set of adult teeth, it’s important to take care of them, and one way to do that is to try and quit these 5 bad dental habits. Read more below as a dentist in Danville talks about these habits and how to stop them.


How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

August 4, 2019

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man using electric toothbrush

It seems like every time you go to the store, there are more and more types of toothbrushes to choose from. From fancy rotating heads to different softness levels of bristles, there are more choices to make than ever before. How can you possibly select the right one for your teeth? Fortunately, a dentist in Danville is here to help make the whole process a little less confusing.


5 Reasons Your Dentist in Danville Says You Might Need a Root Canal

July 22, 2019

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man jaw pain

Do you have a searing pain in your tooth that just doesn’t seem to go away? Do you have a deep cavity that you haven’t gotten treated yet? Did your tooth get cracked or chipped due to an injury? If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you might need a root canal, according to your dentist in Danville. Let’s look at 5 signs that a root canal may be necessary.


10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign in Danville

July 6, 2019

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person holding aligner

If you’re an adult with misaligned teeth, you probably don’t want to get braces. They’re clunky and they can make you look like a dorky teenager again. That’s why there’s Invisalign – the set of clear plastic aligners designed to subtly straighten your teeth without the awkwardness and dietary restrictions of braces. Let’s take a closer look at 10 things you should know before getting Invisalign in Danville.


Danville Braves Night

June 22, 2019

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It was another great night with the Braves! This year we partnered with Go-Docs and had 647 people come to the Danville Braves Night.

We had a tug-of-war against the Danville Police Department, which we lost. (Participants were: Dr. Nikki Hartline, Dr. Andrew Hessler, Dr. Thomas White, Dr. Austin Moon, Lisa Perez and Teresa Cook). We did not eat our wheaties that morning and we were no match for the muscle the Danville Police Department.

Our newest doctor, Dr. Austin Moon,  threw out the first pitch of the game and also entertained everyone as Molar Man. Danville Dental is looking forward to another night with the Braves in 2020!  See you there

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